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SYNO.TEX helps manufacturers or users separate the bad from the good in the air or liquid like water and chemicals.
SYNO.TEX is highly homogeneous pore-sized membrane due to Synopex’s high-tech expanding process. It is produced from PTFE fluoroplastic that has high water-repellency, no-toxic and heat-resistant property.

e-PTFE Membrane (SYNO.TEX) is applied to the filter product materials in various industrial fields like as fuels cells, HEPA/ULPA high-functional air filters, separation membranes, artificial blood vessel, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical and bio industries.
We provide high-performance filters for mask with safety and comfort.
SYNO.TEX Features
  • Pore Size and Thickness : 0.1~3 ㎛ / 1~50 ㎛
  • Width : Max. 1,550mm
  • High Intensity Fibril for Special Production : Max. ~60MPa
  • Highly Homogeneous Pore-sized by High-Tech Expanding Process
Membrane surface property Membrane pore size distribution

SYNO.TEX (e-PTFE) Filter for Mask

e-PTFE filter for mask made from SYNO.TEX is the optimum mask filter of pleasant fit with pore size 2~4 ㎛ and nano-sized thickness 0.5 ㎛ blocking off ultrafine dust, viruses and so on.

Performance and Structure of SYNO.TEX

  • Filtration Efficiency : more than 94% (Paraffin Oil, @95LPM)
  • Pressure Loss : Less than 4.0mmH2O (Sodium Chloride, @30LPM)
  • 3 Layer Structure (PP Nonwoven Fabric + e-PTFE Membrane + PP Nonwoven Fabric)
Comparison between SYNO.TEX Filter and Other KF Masks
Filter Type ePTFE Membrane Melt-blown Melt-blow Melt-blown or SMS
Pore Size 2~4㎛ 8~15㎛ 8~15㎛ 8~15㎛
Thickness 0.5㎛ 180~200㎛ 150~180㎛ 100~130㎛
Dust Capture (Particle Size) 94% more than (0.4㎛) 94% more than (0.4㎛) 80% more than (0.6㎛) -
Resistance(mmH2O) 5.0 less than 7.2 less than 6.0 less than -
Comparison of Mask Types
Sortation SYNO.TEX KF94 KF80 KF-AD 덴탈
Style 3D/Flat 3D 3D 3D/Flat Flat
Material ePTFE Membrane PP PP PP PP
Blocking Very Excellent Excellent Excellent Normal Normal
Moisture Excellent Weak Weak Excellent Excellent
Weight Light Heavy Heavy Light Light
Breathing Comfortable Uncomfortable Uncomfortable Comfortable Comfortable
Source Korea Medical Institute
Comparison of Mask Types
Category Institute Method Type Result Details
Test on Safety Standards of Infant Fabric FITI Testing & Research Institute Common Safety Standards on Infant Products None 51 Categories including Harmful Elements, Heavy Metals
Analysis on Remained Oil Korea Quality Testing Institute GC-MS, HS-GC-MS None Paraffin Oil
Test Report on Safety Standards of Infant Fabric Test Report of Analysis on Remained Oil