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Membrane water treatment using membrane technology
The filter is a porous filtering medium that removes pollutants from liquid or gas. Synopex provides a comprehensive solution related to the filtration system by vertically integrating filters related to Micro-Filtration.

We developed and are supplying various filters for water treatment, including high-flow and high-performance filters for semiconductor and LCD production lines. We are leading the localization of high-performance filter products with high dependence on imports by securing the core technology of the advanced water treatment industry that leads the new growth engine industry. Synopex, which develops and supplies high-performance filters using nanotechnology, have developed and supplied water treatment filters for major semiconductor and LCD production lines locally and abroad.


Synopex PTFE Membrane Filter Cartridge Filter is a product manufactured through sophisticated technology and strict manufacturing processes, and can be applied to gas, air, and chemical solutions in high-tech industries such as semiconductors, LCDs, and electronic chemicals.
In addition, since it is composed of PTFE, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene, it has excellent chemical and heat resistance, so it can be applied to vulnerable environments.
Main features
  • 100% removal of bacteria (ASTM F 838)
  • 100% integrity Test ( Diffusion Test)
  • Satisfies USP standards in biocompatibility and physical and chemical evaluation
    BioSafety (Satisfies USP class VI-121℃ plastics requirements)
    Physicochemical Test (Physicochemical Test)
    USP Sterile Water for Injection Test
    USP LAL Test for Bacterial Endotoxin Content
    Toxin-induced cell destruction (Cytotoxicity) USP MEM Test Non-toxicity requirements satisfied
  • Autoclave, In-line steaming (200 Cycle at 140℃, 30 min/cycle)
  • Wide chemical resistance
  • Filter Code Thermal Bonding
  • Manufactured in Clean Room (Class 1,000)
  • Removal of unnecessary metal ions
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 quality, environmental management system applied
  • Quality Certificate / Validation Guide provided
  • Compressed Gas
  • Electronic-Grade Solvent Filtration
  • Sterile Vent Filter
  • Photo Resist
  • Chemical Filtration
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hot Deionized Water System
  • Pharmaceutical intermediate

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