Membrane/Filter BUSINESS


In general, Filtration means separating two or more types of components from a fluid, and the concept of a general filter refers to separating undissolved particles (solids) from a fluid.

On the other hand, the concept of the membrane filter is much more microscopic than the concept of general filtration, and it includes a special function that enables the separation of dissolved-solids or mixed gases.

Membrane separation process is different from general filtration process

  • It has semi-permeable and perm-selectivity.
  • Separation/fraction is possible from Sub-Micron size to the range of molecular weight size range.
  • It is possible to separate gas-gas, gas-liquid and liquid-liquid as well as liquid-gas, gas-solid separation among fluids.

UF Membrane(Ultra Filtration, Ultrafiltration membrane)

It is a hollow fiber membrane made of polyacrylonitrile (PAN). It is excellent for removing suspended substances, various bacteria, viruses, and polymers in raw water. It has high hydrophilicity and excellent fouling resistance. It is suitable for treating large amounts of impurities. The effective area per unit volume is wide, so it shows high permeability, and it is compact when manufacturing the system. Our UF Membrane can be selectively removed and concentrated such as molecular weight 30,000 dalton, 100,000 dalton, and 300,000 dalton.
  • (For water purification) Removal of bacteria and turbidity from underground water, valley water, river water such as small-scale water facilities and village water supply
  • (Material concentration) Silica sol, graphene, used for concentrating cosmetic ingredients and replacing solvents
  • (Heavy water reuse) Used to remove turbidity of rainwater and reuse
  • (Wastewater treatment and reuse) Used as a reverse osmosis membrane pretreatment when reused for semiconductor processing wastewater, etc.
  • (Seawater desalination pretreatment) Used as a pretreatment for seawater desalination reverse osmosis membrane
Advantages and disadvantages
  • Advantage : Hydrophilic / fouling resistance / high flow rate / optional use of pressure-resistant and external pressure
  • Disadvantage : Lower strength compared to other materials (PVDF, PTFE, etc.) / High price compared to Chinese products
Size of each market (Source: Ministry of Environment 2017 World Water Day Resource Book)

Unit: KRW 100 million

Field 2013년 2051년(Forecast)
Water resources 27,693 34,602
tap water 68,116 89,226
sewage 73,112 146,459
water purifier 18,000 38,406
drinking spring water 5,199 27,099
seawater desalination 550 707
industrial water 10,030 23,303
  • Product Specification
    → Test Use : HUF1010/HUF2010
    → Industrial Use : HUF3040/HUF8050
  • Separator diameter (inner/outer diameter, mm) : 0.85/1.55(N), 1.5/2.25(B)
  • Molecular weight fraction (Dalton) : 10,000 ~ 300,000
  • Maximum operating temperature (℃) : 35
  • Range of PH : 3 ~11

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