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As fresh water is obtained by removing salt so that it can be used for drinking water or other purposes from seawater containing salt, not only Cl- and Na+ but also many inorganic salts are removed.


  • Technology that can secure a large amount of water resources
  • Due to the short construction period, a large amount of water resources can be secured early
  • Water can be secured regardless of season and weather condition
  • Small facility area due to compact plant


It is a system that removes salt from seawater, supplies water suitable for drinking and household water, and secures a large amount of water resources.
  • Seawater of 40,000ppm TDS is treated with a reverse osmosis membrane (RO) and used as drinking water
Scale : Custom design according to required capacity
Processing method : RO(SWRO + BWRO)

1-1 SWRO(Seawater Reverse Osmosis) Plant

Technology that can solve the problem of global population growth, increase in water demand such as irrigation water, agricultural water, industrial water, and water quality deterioration in existing water resources

1-2 BWRO(Brackish Reverse Osmosis) Plant

Desert or areas with high salinity in water
Removes about 99% of ionic substances and pollutants
Groundwater can be produced as drinking water (applicable to island areas)

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